UK - Brand Management Trip

London Trip│Brand Management

London Trip│Brand Management


The Global Brand Management Workshop addresses an important and timely question on brand equity and how we may build it by leveraging the latest digital channels available to organisations. Partnered with Imperial College of London, this programme is project-driven involving a real case project and company visits alongside the academic programme in which addresses the key branding decisions faced by organisations today. The company projects in the past few years (i.e. Edwardian Group, Bentley Motors, and Tesco) offered students the opportunities to work with its branding teams, which helped widen their horizons and global perspective.

*The programme in Europe is subject to review and change

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Highlights of the Workshop

  • Project-driven programme with site visits to speak with managers of the host company
  • Academic lectures by world-class professors at Imperial College Business School
  • Lessons with influential industry experts to grasp the contemporary issues in Brand Management
  • Performance Simulator to further increase participant’s self-awareness

“ The design thinking sections were helpful, not only on this trip, but also to help my further career. It helped me to tackle problems in a more systematic way—in particular, how to brainstorm in a way that was really relevant and useful. ”

Mike NG

2018 Part-time Student