Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I apply for admission if I don't have a GMAT/GRE score?
    You are welcome to apply the programme first and then submit the GMAT/GRE score later.  Depending on the overall credential of the applicants, the GMAT/GRE requirement may be waived (on a case-by-case basis) for those with substantial years of work experience.
    For more information about GMAT: (Institution codes: 54Q-QT-88 (full-time)/54Q-QT-22 (part-time))
    For more information about GRE:  (Institution code: 3198)

  2. I am a fresh graduate. Can I still apply the programme?
    Applicants who are fresh graduates or with less than 3 years of work experience will typically be considered for full-time admissions. Some applicants may be recommended to take the Concentration Curriculum.

  3. If I don't have a bachelor's degree but with professional qualifications and substantial managerial experience, can I apply for admission to the programme?
    The Admission Panel will consider these applications on a case by case basis. Please note that acceptable GMAT score or equivalent may still require for these special cases if admission is offered.

  4. I am a non-local applicant, are there any special things I need to pay attention to?
    Please click: Non-local Applicants for more details.

  5. What is the duration of the programme?
    The normal duration for completing the MBA programme are 2 years with 4 Semesters and 2 Summer Terms for part-time and 1 to 1.5 years for full-time. The maximum study periods are 5 years and 2.5 years for part-time and full-time respectively.

  6. How much time do I need to spend on the courses?
    It varies from individual to individual. Give a minimum of 70% attendance is typically required for all MBA courses, effective time management is always crucial in pursuing the MBA programme.

    Full-time: participants will attend two to three day-classes per week for core courses and two weekday evenings or one weekday evening plus one Saturday afternoon for elective courses.

    Part-time: most of the courses will be delivered in intensive mode while some will follow the normal mode of attendance. For intensive mode, weekly class attendance of two weekday evenings or one weekday evening plus one Saturday afternoon is required for 4-week or 6-week courses.

    Other electives under College of Business: classes are held one weekday evening or one Saturday afternoon each week for a 13-week semester.

  7. What is the total fee of the programme?
    Please click: Programme Fee for more details.

  8. Are there any scholarships or financial aid?
    Please click: Scholarships & Financial Aid for more details.
  9. What will be the final award for the MBA programme?
    The final award for the programme will be Master of Business Administration conferred by the City University of Hong Kong. For participants taking the concentration curriculum, the concentration(s) will be reported on the transcripts.

  10. How many credits can I transfer to the MBA programme if I hold a relevant master's degree in addition to the first degree?
    Participants graduating from master's degree from the College of Business at CityU, they may apply for credit transfer for equivalent core courses, plus up to 6 credit units and 9 credit units of elective courses for General Curriculum and Concentration Curriculum respectively.

    At least 70% of the credit units required for an award of the University must be earned by the successful completion of courses required by the programme concerned. Courses completed for fulfilling professional qualifications which are equivalent to a bachelor's degree will not be considered for credit transfer.

    Transferred credit units must have been earned no earlier than eight years before the date of enrolment at the University. Individual academic units may stipulate a more stringent requirement for transferred credit units, as deemed appropriate. Please click here for more details.

  11. Where can I get further information about the programme?
    Application for admission will normally be invited in October each year. Please contact the MBA Office via Tel: 34425909.