Students will take a total of 19 credits of compulsory courses plus at least 9 credits of Experiential Learning courses with one of the following options:

  1. General Curriculum: 40 credits in total, with at least 9 credits of elective courses;
  2. One Concentration: 49 credits in total, with at least 6 credits of elective courses and 15 credits of courses in Concentration Area;
  3. Double Concentrations: 58 credits in total, with at least 30 credits of courses in 2 Concentration Areas





Course Selection

Accounting is an essential component in managing businesses and operations. This provides MBA students from non-accounting backgrounds with an opportunity to acquire an accounting qualification. Courses aim to enhance students’ skills by developing an expertise in international accounting as well as further understanding in Hong Kong accounting and related areas of knowledge, such as Auditing, Taxation, Strategic Management Accounting and Accounting Information Systems.

With increasing economic integration with Mainland China and other countries, the finance industry has been designated as a key driver of growth in output and employment. The Finance Concentration aims to provide MBA students with a range of courses to develop a detailed understanding of the monetary and financial systems, investment and financial policy, as well as building skills in coping with financial risks and developing strategic financial strategies.

The combination of technology, information management, big data, and business intelligence is destroying old business models and old management practices - creating a new set of winners and losers in the global economy. The Information Management Concentration prepares you for this changing world of business.

The Marketing Concentration adds depth to your MBA studies by allowing you to meet very specific career goals. This concentration aims at achieving a deep understanding of customers, competitors, portfolios of brands and products, finding creative solutions to problems, and thinking critically to make sound decisions. It provides valuable preparation for those who want to follow a career path as a marketing manager or a marketing consultant, as well as for those who wish to be entrepreneurs. With marketing at the core of all businesses, this concentration will enable you to devise effective business and marketing strategies for deployment in multiple contexts.

To survive and prosper in today’s world, a business can no longer rely on in-house operations alone. Chain to chain competition will determine the new winners in the business world. To create and sustain competitive advantage, you will need full supply chain visibility, and you will have to coordinate, collaborate, and integrate with your chain partners. The Supply Chain Concentration offers you a brand new broader perspective to reexamine your business operations and rediscover the abundant business opportunities out there. Extensive case studies, business leader workshops, and practical enterprise projects constantly challenge your thinking as you learn how to build and grow your supply chain.