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Navigating China's Semiconductor Value Chain
Unraveling Opportunities, Risks, and Investment Prospect
24 May 2024 (Friday)

Pivotal for its economic, security, and technological ambitions, China’s burgeoning semiconductor industry presents a complex landscape for investors. While the sector’s growth potential is promising amidst the AI surge, geopolitical tensions and export controls cast a shadow over its future. This forum will convene field experts to delve into the intricacies of China's semiconductor value chain, with a particular emphasis on the downstream new energy industry. Investment opportunities and risks will be explored within the current market reality.

Speaker(s): Mr. Zhang, Biao (Executive Partner, CTC Capital)
Mr. Keng, Kok Sing (Managing Director, DBS)
Mr. Zhang, Ke (Chief Investment Officer, Dragonstone Capital)
Dr. Ieong, Meikei (Founding Chairman, Semiconductor Nanotechnology Alliance)
Moderator: Mr. Ling, Michael (Managing Director, Linear Capital)
Sustainable Packaging Practices
Exploring Innovative Solutions and Regulatory Impact in Hong Kong
13 May 2024 (Monday)

Package waste is a major environmental issue, causing overflowing landfills and pollution. The Plastic Restriction Regulation, recently implemented in Hong Kong, along with the forthcoming Waste Charging Policy, has elevated this issue to the attention. Will these pay-as-you-throw regulations help foster packaging innovations that are both environmentally friendly and commercially viable? This forum will address this question by exploring emerging packaging solutions capable of tackling the challenges posed by regulations and evolving consumer preferences.

Speaker(s): Hon. Lam Siu Lo, Legislative Council Member, Legislative Council HKSAR
Mr. Paul Zimmerman, CEO, Designing in Hong Kong
Ms. Suzanne Cheung, Head of Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability, Swire Coca-Cola HK
Mr. Edwin Lau, Founder & Executive Director, The Green Earth
Moderator: Mr. William Li, Deputy Head of Research, New Prospect for Hong Kong
AI-Empowered Education
Augmenting Human Intelligence for Effective Teaching and Personalized Learning
29 April 2024 (Monday)

The advent of generative AI (e.g., ChatGPT) is sparking controversy over AI’s impact on education. While concerns such as reduced human interaction, stifled creativity, and regulatory gaps have been raised, it is undeniable that AI possesses tremendous potential for revolutionizing educational outcomes. To delve deeper into the transformative role of AI in education, this forum convenes experts from various fields to explore how AI can augment human intelligence to enhance teaching effectiveness and foster personalized learning experiences.

Speaker(s): Mr. Eric Byron, Ed Tech Entrepreneur and Podcaster, Qollab
Mr. Tommie Lo, Founder & CEO, Preface
Prof. Cecilia K. Y. Chan, Teaching Director, HKU (TALIC)
Prof. Andy Chun, Adjunct Professor, CityU
Moderator: Prof. Alvin Leung, Associate Head (IS), CityU
Fostering Inclusive Employment
Innovative Strategies for Unlocking the Power of Diversity
17 April 2024 (Wednesday)

Underrepresented individuals, including those with physical and mental disabilities as well as those from ethnic minority groups, often encounter job barriers. Yet, today's technological advancements have expedited the development of innovative strategies aimed at overcoming these barriers. Join prominent practitioners to explore these strategies and their transformative impact on unleashing the untapped capabilities of underrepresented individuals, advocating for unbiased recruitment practices, and fostering a thriving workforce that values diverse perspectives.

Speaker(s): Ms. Vivienne Wong, Executive Director, Hong Kong Economic Times
Ms. Agnes Wun, Co-founder and CEO, Neufast Limited
Mr. Tiffany Chan, Founder, iCare Foundation
Mr. Steve Lo, Founder, Wheel For Oneness
Moderator: Mr. Darron Sun, Immediate Past President, Lions Club of Hong Kong IFC
Carbon Trading in Hong Kong
Driving Climate Mitigation and Economic Opportunity
10 April 2024 (Wednesday)

Carbon trading has gained traction in Europe and the US, allowing companies to trade credits (emission permits) as a means of curbing their overall emissions of greenhouse gases. However, it was not until late 2022 that Hong Kong launched its international carbon marketplace. Can such a marketplace empower companies to contribute to mitigating global warming while fostering business growth in Hong Kong? Industry experts will delve into this question by analyzing real-world trading scenarios and examining recent technological innovations.

Speaker(s): Ms. Michelle Mak, Head of ESG and Enterprise Learning, Dun & Bradstreet Hong Kong
Mr. Kevin Ng, CEO, InnoBlock Technology Limited
Mr. Bill Tsang, Associate Director – ESG, Roma (meta) Group Limited
Professor Emil Chan, Co-Chair, Hong Kong Digital Finance Association
Moderator: Dr. Albert Yip, Chairman, Syndicate Capital Group
Reducing Environmental Footprint
Clean Energy Adoption Through Partnership and Innovation
22 May 2023 (Monday)

Clean energy adoption is essential to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change, particularly for Hong Kong, which heavily relies on fossil fuels with high energy demands. Among other clean and renewable fuels, hydrogen emerges as a promising solution to a wide range of applications. For example, hydrogen-powered buses have already appeared in Hong Kong. Industry and academic experts will explore global cases and focus forum discussions on the potential of hydrogen in addressing Hong Kong's energy and environmental challenges.

Speaker(s): Dr. Shauhrat S. CHOPRA, Assistant Professor (School of Energy and Environment), City University of Hong Kong
Dr. Pascal VUICHARD, Associate Director - Climate & Sustainability, Deloitte
Mr. Jasper CHAN, Senior ESG Manager, The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas)
Mr. Bill HO, General Manager (Corporate Development), The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd. (HK Electric)
Moderator: Dr. Shauhrat S. CHOPRA, Assistant Professor (School of Energy and Environment), City University of Hong Kong
2021-22 Past Forums
Under the theme of Sustainable Future, the SHARP forum in 2021/22 focused on four key areas: fashion conscience, alternative meat, ESG investment and green building. By learning from the sharing of industry leaders in these fields, we learned how we might contribute and work towards a positive impact on our future world.
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2018-19 Past Forums
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2017-18 Digital Business Innovation Festival
Bridging Education, Technology and Business
The Festival, with the theme “One Health · Digital Society · Smart City”, provides you with an interactive experience to explore innovations in digital business and mobile technology so as to improve well-being, increase social welfare, and enhance quality life.
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2016-17 Past Forums
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