Programme Fees

The programme follows a credit unit system. Below is the estimated total programme fee (subject to adjustment).

Programme Fees (2021/22)

  Credit Unit Fee General Curriculum
(40 credits)
One Concentration*
(49 credits)
Double Concentrations
(58 credits)
Full-time HK$10,200 HK$408,000 HK$499,800 HK$591,600
Part-time HK$9,200 HK$368,000 HK$450,800 HK$533,600

Additional programme fees will apply for the experiential study trips (i.e. FB6701, FB6709, FB6777). Students will also be responsible for their accommodation and airfare for activities outside Hong Kong.

* Some applicants may be recommended to take the Concentration Curriculum, especially those without sufficient work experience.

Information about payment schedule and methods is available from:

All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable and subject to yearly review.

Credit Transfer for Equivalent Courses

Participants who possess a recognized master's degree from relevant business discipline may apply for credit transfer for equivalent courses, up to 30% of the credit load of the MBA programme. Courses completed for fulfilling professional qualifications which are equivalent to a bachelor's degree will not be considered for credit transfer.

Other Fee Payment upon Admission

All fees are non-refundable or non-transferable and subject to yearly review.

*Students will be charged a Graduation Fee upon enrolment in a programme. It will be refunded to the student who subsequently withdraws before graduation or whose studies are being terminated by the University.