Scholarships & Financial Aid


CityU MBA Scholarship for Outstanding Applicants 
(subject to changes and University approval)

Awards Value of Award (HKD) Eligibility & Criteria

MBA Elite Scholarship

Up to 150,000

Applicants admitted with significant work experience, outstanding academic or job achievement, and/ or evidence of leadership in extracurricular activities and community services will be considered and nominated.

We also offer a Scholarship of HK$50,000 for Working Professionals to local applicants (Part-Time MBA). [ Details ]

MBA Merit-Based Scholarship (GMAT)


Up to 100,000

Applicants admitted with good academic performance, professional achievements, and a high GMAT score with good performance in the admission interview will be nominated.

MBA Diversity Contribution Scholarship 5,000 - 100,000

Outstanding international applicants or applicants with overseas work/education experience (outside HK and China) or special talents will be considered and nominated upon admission.

CityU MBA Scholarship for Outstanding Students/Alumni
MBA Concentration / Internship Scholarship 5,000 - 20,000

Outstanding students admitted to pursue the MBA concentration curriculum with an overall CGPA of 3.5 or above on the core courses taken will be considered and nominated for the Concentration Scholarship.

Students successfully offered a non-compensated internship and fulfilling the FB6774 MBA Internship/Community Service requirement will be considered and nominated for the Internship Scholarship. 

MBA Student Ambassador Award 1,000 - 20,000

With a selection process, students with outstanding leadership, excellent communication skills, or special talents will be considered and nominated to serve as MBA Student Ambassadors. The Ambassadors are obligated to represent and make contributions to CityU MBA programme in a passionate manner.

MBA Academic Excellence Award Up to 15,000

Students who have developed excellence in scholastic performance with an overall CGPA of 3.8 or above at graduation may be considered and nominated.


  • All scholarships are not mutually exclusive.  Students can receive multiple awards on a competitive and merit basis.
  • The information provided is subject to ongoing review.


Financial Assistance for Local Participants

Extended Non-means-tested Loan Scheme
All participants are eligible to apply for the Government Extended Non-means-tested Loan. The maximum loan amount will be capped at the tuition fee level. Interested students may enquire at 2150 6223 for details or visit the government webpage at for Application Forms and Guidance Notes.

Continuing Education Fund (CEF)
CityU MBA is a reimbursable programme under the CEF scheme, which provides a maximum of HK$25,000 in reimbursement to students who fulfil the criteria. 

For further information on CEF, please visit the website: or call the 24-hour hotline at 3142 2277 for details.