Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Our curriculum stresses practical, cutting-edge knowledge with an international perspective. Through a broad spectrum of experiential learning courses, we break boundaries between local and global learning, and between theoretical and practical knowledge. Given the complex nature of the worldwide business environment and the needs of today's business practices, experiential learning or "learning by doing" enables our students to gain practical experience, which they can then apply in real-world situations.

Unlike traditional case studies with well-defined problems and measurable factors, our Experiential Learning Courses expose students to real-life and real-time decision-making, with a great deal of built-in uncertainty. As business challenges become increasingly multifaceted, such experiences cultivate students' cross-functional and cross-regional problem-solving skills, which are crucial for staying globally competitive.


Asia Business Consultancy Trip

The Consultancy Trip integrates a significant part of students' learning by applying the knowledge and skills acquired in a new ambiguous situation outside Hong Kong. Students immerse themselves in a real-life Asian business environment to assist the partnering host organisations in addressing the problems and opportunities in their business. Initially focusing on Mainland China, as the business in Asia has become more inter-regional, the consultative visits have taken place in countries as varied as South Korea, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

Berkeley Entrepreneurship Trip 

Partnering with the University of California, Berkeley, the Entrepreneurship Workshop allows our students to spend about two weeks in San Francisco Bay Area and learn from Berkeley faculty and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley through seminars and visits to innovative companies such as Ford, Google, and Salesforce. Students put their learning into practice by developing a comprehensive business plan to venture capitalists for genuine evaluation.

London Brand Management Trip

Collaborating with Imperial College London, the Brand Management Workshop offered students opportunities to work on company projects for iconic brands over the years, including luxury car maker Bentley, supermarket chain Tesco, and the Edwardian Hotels. Students participate in experimental methods and laboratory-based discoveries to test and transform original ideas into real business propositions.


SHARP Forum is a student-led platform bringing industry leaders to discuss pressing and compelling business topics. Since its launch in 2016, over 120 notable speakers with 6,000 professional business audiences have participated in the Forums. Many senior executives from MNCs such as Amazon, Deloitte, General Electric, HSBC, Tencent, etc., and renowned business leaders such as Lan Kwai Fong Group Chairman Dr. Allan Zeman, HKTV Mall CEO Ricky Wong, and KPMG Asia Partner Anson Bailey have spoken in previous forums.

Industry On-site Workshop

The Industry On-site Workshop gives students first-hand exposure to real working environments in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Asian cities nearby. The Workshop contributes a holistic learning opportunity for students to understand current trends in the Asian market, working scenarios of different industries, and best business practices or new technologies performed at the workplace. 

Business Mentoring

Business Mentoring accelerates our full-time students’ career skills advancement through the mentors imparting core business skills, industry insights, and personal experiences. Our mentors are passionate veteran professionals from various well-established enterprises and organisations such as the Big Four, consulting firms, and professional associations.