SHARP Forum 2021-22

2021-22 Past Forums

Feed Sustainable Future with Artificial Meats: Are We Ready for FoodTech Revolution?
Are We Ready for FoodTech Revolution?
9 June 2022 (Thursday)

Artificial meats, either plant-based or cultured, are meat without animals in essence. Besides protecting animal welfare and resolving food shortage, they are developed to remedy the harming livestock farming, which emits about 15% of global greenhouse gases. To serve as sustainable meat alternatives, artificial meats must be sufficiently nutritious, healthy, tasty, and affordable. Are they ready to revolutionize our diet needs? What are the challenges and opportunities for food-tech start-ups and green-food entrepreneurs? Explore with us.

Speaker(s): Carrie Chan, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Avant Meats
Joshua Ng, Co-Founder, Good Food Technologies
Alvin Lee, Senior ESG & Communications Manager, Green Monday
Moderator: Natalie Lung, Program Manager for the Food Technology Accelerator Program, Brinc
Sustainable Buildings: Green or Gone, Goal or Gold?
Reaping both Intangible and Tangible Benefits from Improving Energy Efficiency
2 June 2022 (Thursday)

Buildings in Hong Kong — a city that never sleeps — account for the city’s 90% of electricity used and over 60% of carbon emitted. To mitigate the adverse environmental impacts, the Government has issued subsidies for qualified buildings to retrofit energy-efficient systems. However, many buildings are still far from green. What are and how to alleviate the concerns that prevent buildings from turning green? Could green turn gold? How? Explore the answers with experienced engineers and architects.

Speaker(s): Ir Dr. Cary Chan, Executive Director, Hong Kong Green Building Council
Ir. Colin Chung, Managing Director, WSP (Asia) Limited
Mr. Tony Ip, Founder and Director, Tony Ip Green Architects Ltd
Moderator: Ir Dr Conrad Wong, BBS, JP, Vice Chairman, Yau Lee Holdings Limited
From Fashion Conscious to Fashion Conscience
How to Dress Fashionably and Sustainably?
30 May 2022 (Monday)

Before putting on your new t-shirt and jeans, do you know they might have depleted tons of clean water, travelled thousands of miles in non-recyclable packaging emitting plenty of CO2? It doesn’t have to be THIS way! To foster sustainable fashion, relevant experts will explore how the fashion industry, one of the most polluting industries, could reduce environmental damage by adopting innovative materials, evoking production ethics, and empowering consumers to make greener choices with technologies that enable supply chain transparency.

Speaker(s): Edwin Keh, MH, CEO, Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel Limited (HKRITA)
Walden Lam, Co-founder, Unspun
Kayla Wong, Founder, Basics for Basics
Moderator: Candice Wang, Managing Director, PFI Fareast
Sustainable Finance
A Pathway Towards Carbon Neutrality
7 April 2022 (Thursday)

To cope with climate crisis, carbon neutrality by 2050 is recognized as the world's most urgent mission. This urgency has drawn the attention of socially responsible investing, known as sustainable finance, that prioritises financial returns alongside environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations. Towards a low-carbon transition, the market has seen an increased array of ESG financial instruments (e.g., sustainability-linked bonds, carbon credit ETF, etc.). What are the developments of the instruments and their potential? Explore the relevant issues with us.

Speaker(s): Philip Peñaloza, Director of Impact Philanthropy, Asia Pacific, The Nature Conservancy
Jeffrey Young, Managing Director & Portfolio Manager, Grandly Financial Group
Eddy Lam, Managing Director, Head of Asia, Direxion Investment
Moderator: Angel Chang Wei, Founder, Shanghai Sustainability Communications Advisory