Graduates Feedback - Ms Dannie Li

Ms Dannie Li

Ms Dannie Li
2017 Graduate

General Manager, Strategy Development Department
Goldsland Holdings Company Limited


“ I feel so lucky to be a CityU MBA graduate. The program covers a comprehensive range of practical courses which trained us from different aspects of being a better leader in the future, including decision making, corporate finance, operations management, corporate governance, HR and etc. The experiential learning trips make the whole program special. The chance to study in Imperial College and UC Berkeley, plus the Residential Trip in Cambodia not only gave us the opportunities to apply the technical knowledge learnt from classroom, but also trained us to solve problems with deep insights and new amazing approaches.

The program equipped me with required academic knowledge and managerial skills for the changing business world. I really treasure all the memorable moments in the past study year with my classmates and professors, which make me feel more confident and strengthen my self-esteem. I highly recommend CityU MBA program to those who wish to make excellent friends, gain practical business knowledge and cultivate a leadership in their future life.

Goldsland Holdings Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Goldsland”) is a corporate in Hong Kong which was integrated and reorganized from 52 enterprises in Hong Kong and Macao by Guangdong Guangxin Holdings Group Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “GGHG”) in May 2005 with the objective of implementing “Going Out” Strategy. Goldsland is the only overseas subsidiary wholly-owned by GGHG, under taking the GGHG’s responsibility of being an “investment and financing platform, capital operation platform and going global platform”, and “service and information Centre” outside Mainland China. ”