12 March 2021
2021年第一届尖端论坛已成功完成,业界领袖(香港理光的亚伦·严,仲量联行的Jordan Kostelac,Rentokil Initial的Guru Balasubramaniam和Smart City Consortium的Eric Yeung)就数字化和自动化技术的发展发表了看法 在未来的工作场所。

29 January 2021
我们很高兴分享2021 MBA商业指导计划的成功启动。 我们的课程主任江伟裕教授对我们的导师通过该课程帮助我们的学生发展职业生涯表示感谢。 在活动期间,导师给了学生鼓舞性的分享,同时打破了在线参与者与就指定主题进行的现场讨论之间的界限。

17 December 2020
12月10日,我们很高兴邀请投资推广署金融科技高级经理陈德瑞先生,领风资本董事总经理刘德文先生和腾讯香港,澳门及跨境财务总监周頌琪博士分享他们对当前的金融行业格局。 我们对金融科技领域的当前趋势和策略学到了很多。 非常感谢我们的演讲者,我们期待着未来的合作!

27 January 2020
CityU MBA Programme has entered the FT’s 2020 MBA top-100. “This means that the achievements of our students, graduates and faculty have received a wider level of global recognition.

6 September 2019
It was delighted to welcome the new students in the MBA Orientation from 31 Aug to 1 Sep 2019 at the Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel.

21 June 2019
Led by Prof. Kevin Chiang, MBA Director, a group of 40 students completed the Entrepreneurship and Venture Plan Development Workshop held at UC Berkeley in June 2019.

16 December 2013
The Hong Kong Deputy to National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China, member of the Executive Council and President of Asia Financial Holdings Ltd and Asia Insurance Co. Ltd., Mr Bernard Chan visited CityU and share with our MBA Students his journey of becoming a senior executive in the insurance sector.

3 December 2013
A clear understanding of the labor market, your skills and interests are important when matching you to a suitable role and employer. Mr Tony Pownall, General Manager of Hudson Hong Kong, a career development specialist in executive search and talent acquisition was invited to meet and present to CityU MBA students.

20 November 2013
Mr Armstrong Lee, Director of Worldwide Consulting Group Company Ltd was invited to share with our students and alumni “The Road to Becoming a CEO” at the MBA Professional Forum held on 21 November.

10 November 2013
Professor Myron Scholes, who was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics Sciences in 1997 and is best known as one of the authors of the Black-Scholes equation, was invited to the City University in November 2013 for a presentation on Global Economy, as well as an interview featured by the television program “Century Auditorium” of Phoenix TV (世紀大講堂 - 鳳凰衛視).