Business Creation for Social Impact - Creation of Chinese Brand

May 18th, 2015

Miss Poman Lo, CEO and Founder, Bodhi and Friends


The College of Business was honored to invite Miss Poman Lo, CEO and Founder of Bodhi and Friends to be a speaker for the Professional Forum on 18 May 2015. Miss Lo is often publicly known as the Vice Chairman and Managing Director for Regal Hotels International, one of the largest hotel operations with 13 luxury Hong Kong hotels and China. She was awarded a Bachelor degree in Psychology from Duke University at the age of 19 and has received a number of awards as distinguished CEO and outstanding young person starting from 2005.

During the forum, Miss Lo has chosen to share with participants her story of setting up “Bodhi and Friends”, a popular flagship property under Century Innovative Technology (CIT), a multimedia company aims to foster fun learning via interactive media. Bodhi and Friends was created with mission to make learning fun and effective, nurture positive traits and foster holistic development in children, provide a professionally curated platform for parents to access and share the work’s best digital content and to embrace responsibility at the core and to create positive impact on next generations. A set of cartoon characters with Bodhi as the main character was created as the starting point, followed by the launch of a series of apps to develop multiple-intelligences such as language proficiency and music in children. The company has also lunched the award winning 3D animation TV series in early 2014 making Bodhi and Friend widely loved by children and has attracted over 5 million WeChat followers


Through the successful creation of Bodhi and Friends, Miss Lo has set up “Bodhi Love Foundation” with the objective to nurture children to become wise and compassionate global citizens and empower underprivileged children by providing equal access to quality education via technology. The foundation supports one child in the rural area to learn English for every download of any Bodhi App.

Miss Lo believes great leaders inspire others to act and communicating effectively on what they believe, and actions that need to be taken are the key to success. The forum ended with a Q&A session, and a souvenir was presented to Miss Lo as a mark of thanks for her sharing with our participants.