Transforming Waste to Wonder: Exploration of the Food-Inspired Fashion


Transforming Waste to Wonder
Exploration of the Food-Inspired Fashion

Hong Kong's global reputation as a food and fashion paradise is overshadowed by the issue of massive waste, causing harm to the environment. Why should future generations bear the consequences of our current enjoyment? To take responsibility for our wasteful behaviors and build a sustainable world, industry experts will explore the innovative solution of upcycling discarded food into wearable art and the opportunity for overcoming the challenge. Join the forum and learn “if you can't eat it, wear it!”

Event Details

Date: 15 May 2023 (Monday)
Coffee Ground Ornament Planting Workshop: 5:00 - 6:00 pm
Forum: 7:00-9:00 pm
Venue: LT401 Herbalgy Lecture Theatre, CityU
Language: English
Forum Agenda:

  • 7:00 pm Forum Opening | Introduction
  • 7:05 pm Keynote Remark
  • 7:25 pm Guest Speakers Presentation
  • 8:25 pm Panel Discussion and Q&A
  • 8:50 pm Souvenir Presentation




Keynote Speaker

Hon. Duncan CHIU
HKSAR Legislative Council Member (Technology and Innovation)
Legislative Council, HKSAR

Duncan is committed to the development of technology and innovation. He is an advocate of local T&I policies, a tech entrepreneur, a veteran investor and is often regarded as the leading figure in Hong Kong's T&I sector. Duncan has participated in over 100 tech investment projects. He is a frequent speaker at forums to share his insights and also a mentor to young entrepreneurs.

Duncan is President of the Hong Kong Information Technology Joint Council, Non-official Member of Digital Economy Development Committee, Advisory Committee on Attracting Strategic Enterprises, Advisory Committee on the Northern Metropolis, and Committee on Innovation, Technology and Industry Development.

He is also Chairman of HKTDC Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Services Advisory Committee, Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Department of Systems Engineering & Engineering Management of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Member of the Advisory Committee of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Duncan is also dedicated to community affairs. He is a Member of Hospital Authority, Chairman of its Information Technology Services Committee, and Chairman of the Hospital Governing Committee of Tin Shui Wai Hospital. He is also Secretary-General of the Asian Squash Federation and Chairman of Hong Kong Squash.


Ms. Karen HO
Head of Corporate and Community Sustainability
WWF-Hong Kong

Inspired by the “An Inconvenient Truth” documentary, Karen wanted to exercise her diverse international management, business development and marketing competencies in advocacy for climate actions, building a culture of carbon performance management and pursuing efforts towards sustainable development.

Karen joined WWF in 2008 as Business Engagement Leader, Climate to work on climate and energy issues in Hong Kong and China, engage businesses and industries across the region to mitigate climate crisis and greenhouse gas emissions through Low Carbon Manufacturing Programme (LCMP) and Low-carbon Office Operation Programme (LOOP). She has also been invited to speak on sustainability at international and regional conferences.

Karen assumed full responsibilities of the Head of Corporate and Community Sustainability since August 2017. She works with stakeholders across public and private sectors as well as civil society to make Hong Kong a sustainable city; explores collaboration opportunities to support community-based environmental protection projects and sustainable development goals (SDGs); promotes best practices of science-based target initiative (SBTi), measurement, reporting and verification (MRV), environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosure, low-carbon transformation, nature-based solutions (NbS) and net-zero circular economy.

An accomplished senior executive, Karen held senior management positions in Fortune 500 companies prior to joining WWF. Karen holds a Master degree of Business Administration from University of Surrey, UK and is accredited as Chartered Marketer by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK since 2001.


Mr. Felix CHUNG
Founder & CEO
Hong Kong Carbon Trading Centre Co., Ltd

Felix K P Chung was the Member of the fifth and sixth Legislative Council of HKSAR (Textiles and Garment Sector,).

He graduated from BSC in Quantity Surveying in 1986 in the Robert Gorden University Aberdeen, UK and followed with his MBA degree in Stirling University, Stirling, UK in 1987.He joined his family business in a knitwear factory in late 1988.

Felix Chung also has a good linkage with business sectors especially in the manufacturing field. In year 2001, with the support from many garment manufacturers, a non-profit making association was formed in the name of the Hong Kong Apparel Society Ltd (HKAS), Felix Chung was the founder Chairman of HKAS until 2012 and being a Hon. Life Chairman now.

In 2013 he founded the Fashion Industry Development Council (FIDC) which aims to gather elites of different specialties to promote the interests of the fashion industry in Hong Kong.

In early 2022, he formed Hong Kong Carbon Trading Centre (HKCTC) as the Founder & CEO. HKCTC helps all kinds and sizes of industrial companies in how to reduce the carbon emission in order to help the World’s climate change.

Other Public Services:

Member, Carbon Market Opportunities Working Group of Financial Services Development Council (FSDC)

Chairman, Design Discipline Advisory Board (DEDAB) of VTC

Chairman, Fashion Industry Training Advisory Committee under the Qualifications Framework (QF), Education Bureau of HKSAR

Leading Founder, CE100 Hong Kong (潔能100/零碳100)

Honorary President, Hong Kong Association of Solar Energy Industry

Honorary Life Chairman, Hong Kong Apparel Society (HKAS)

Hon. General committee, The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong

Advisor, New Territories General Chamber of Commerce

Ms. Natalie CHOW

After 15 years behind multinational fashion and beauty brands, Natalie left behind her marketing job to start her sustainable sneaker brand, KIBO, with her husband Simon. With a family background of shoe-manufacturing of over 50 years, the couple wanted to do things differently; with a positive impact for the people and the planet.

With a passion to raise social awareness on climate change and modern slavery, the couple searched far and wide for earth-friendly materials with social responsibility in mind. They also advocate transparency throughout their production process, whilst donating a portion of their proceeds to an NGO that fights against human-slavery.

With a core offerings of simple, minimalist sneakers made from innovative materials like upcycled agricultural waste & discarded plastics & leather wastes, they have also recently branched out to technical footwear, providing safety shoes for the service industry such as hotels and restaurants. As the first mover in the region to merge sustainability, safety and comfort together, she hopes to raise the awareness on how much impact with every decision we make.

Natalie believes everything can have a ripple effect to create something extraordinary, and every small step makes a difference, so no matter how small a step KIBO is taking, as long as it is in the right direction, we know it will be worth it.

Sustainable Fashion Education Director

Marianne has 20 years work experience in the apparel industry as a designer and product developer, working with a diverse range of international brands and suppliers. With a degree in textile design and a master’s in supply chain management, logistics and procurement, her industry knowledge and experience supports the need to educate emerging designers as they enter the fashion industry and where they can be empowered to reduce waste and maximise their value. Marianne leads the education team at Redress and is humbled to be in a position that can support design professionals as they look to what the future of sustainable fashion is. Inspired by communication and motivated by accountability, she firmly believes that we can no longer wait for others to make better decisions for us.

Ms. Joyce CHAU
Director Asia Pacific

Ms. Joyce Chau joined amfori as the Country Representative of the organization in Greater China in June 2011. Her role is to promote sustainable trade through sustainability services, including business social compliance (amfori BSCI), environmental performance (amfori BEPI), quality management capability (amfori QMI), and trade policy along the global supply chains.

Since January 2019, Ms. Chau has been promoted to Director of Asia Pacific and leads the APAC team to drive open and sustainable trade in the region.

In around 30 years, Ms. Chau’s major expertise is in public affairs, stakeholder and media relations crisis and issues management related to sustainability, CSR, and supply chain management. Prior to amfori, she was the Senior Vice President of the HSBC Corporate Sustainability APAC Office, Dell China’s Corporate Communications Director, and she also worked for HKSAR Government’ Innovation and Technology Commission, HK Airport Authority and GS1. She possesses a BSoSc in Communications and a MA in Translation.

Coffee Grounds Ornament Planting Workshop

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The first 30 participants who register and attend the event are eligible to receive a FREE coffee soap.

The forum organizer reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the above offers and vary or terminate the arrangement. In the event of a dispute, the decision of the organizer should be final and binding.

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